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About us

Trifid is a small consulting company with great ambitions – both on behalf of ourselves and our clients.

Trifid was established in 2016 and started in 2017. We have around 50 employees.

We work in Norway and Denmark to improve our customers and each other. Our ambition is 300 employees in 5 countries.

Who are we and what services do we provide?

Our advisors can point to documented results from work on modernization, digitization and transformation. We are up to date on best practices and new methodologies, while being pragmatic and able to adapt to today's situation.

Our values

At Trifid, we believe that trust between people is the most important driver for healthy business operations, both between colleagues, customers and business partners.

Trifid is a value-driven and open company with a high degree of transparency. We set honesty, courage and all-round behavior as a compass needle for the behavior we expect from each other, and the culture we all contribute to building.


We are to be trusted. At Trifid we pride ourselves in being open, predictable and clear. We say what we mean and do what we say, to the best of the customer.


At Trifid, we dare to challenge established truths. We dare to be visible and clear. In demanding situations, we show vigor, courage and sincerity.

Thoroughly decent

At Trifid, we are there for each other, both customers and colleagues. We work together, challenge and help each other to bring out the best in everything we do. We treat everyone with respect, and value the opinions of others.