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Sourcing is about how the business organises and operates its IT services


Sourcing is about how the company organizes and operates its IT and third party services.

At Trifid our advisors are experts at helping customers through every aspect of sourcing.

Sourcing strategy

In Trifid we see sourcing strategy as a continuous process where you plan and design how to build the most competitive supplier base possible, enabling you to run procurement process, establish and maintain a supplier value chain that reduces cost and creates a competitive advantage for your business. It is of great importance that the sourcing strategy is aligned with key stakeholders so that you are sure that it supports the business goals for your organization.

Trifid can provide experienced consultants that can help you build a solid strategic foundation for your sourcing processes through;

  • Establish sourcing strategy and plan procurement processes
  • Support on aligning the sourcing strategy with the organizations business goals
  • Stakeholder management
  • Analysing spend, supplier base and market and categorize them based on criticality
  • Suggest approach and methods for the different categories
Market analysis

Gaining insight into the market and market trends enables you to better understand what opportunities and challenges you might face when approaching the supplier market. The knowledge you gain through a market analysis will help you selecting the best methods to reduce cost and increase value for your business.

At Trifid we understand the importance of doing a good market analysis. We are experienced in creating several kinds of market analysis, and we can help you build a fact base that gives you a good overview of your supplier market.

We can:

  • Develop a Request for information (RFI) based on your need for information
  • Run the RFI towards the market and create a market analysis report based on the RFI
  • Harvest market information from available sources and create a market analyses report
  • Set up/Support setting up a plan and suggested market approach based in the information gathered
Private and public procurement

The effect of running a good procurement process should never be underestimated. It is often easy to underestimate the importance of choosing the appropriate approach to the supplier market. that could cause the organization not being able to maximize the value from the process.

Our consultants in Trifid are very experienced in running procurement processes in both private and public sectors. They have solid experience in running procurement processes in complex multicultural organizations and can help you with:

  • Planning the procurement process
  • Designing the procurement project
  • Create and/or do quality assurance on the Request for Proposal documents
  • Run the procurement process
  • Doing evaluations, including developing evalutation templates and structure, training of participants and recommendations
Contract negotiation

A successful contract negotiation starts with thorough preparations. Planning the negotiations ahead of executing them are the key to achieve the target set. Our consultants here at Trifid are experienced negotiators that know well how to plan and execute a negotiation in order to achieve the best possible cost reductions and increase the value of the contract.

In Trifid we can help you by running the entire contract negotiations from planning to approval, or we can support you in the different phases of the negotiations where support is needed, such as:

  • Plan the negotiations in detail and help set the correct target for them
  • Reseach and identify the must win battles for both you and the supplier
  • Understanding your counterparty's motives
  • Building the negotiations tactics
  • Establish a solid base of arguments to support your standing
  • Presenting the outcome to the stakeholders
Contract management

Contract management is an important tool to ensure that the intents of the contract are met, and that both parties work closely together in order to maximize the benefits for all. Here at Trifid we are very experienced in contract management. We have expertise in how to make the correct analysis, develop the needed governance and tools, and we also have solid competence in how to run the entire contract management process.

What we can do for you:

  • Secure a proper handover from contract negotiations to contract management to ensure that no intentions and details are missed during handover
  • Establish and run a solid contract governance model. Taking the different levels of meeting places into consideration
  • Make sure that all stakeholders and involved personell get the correct and needed information in order to act according to the contract intention and governance
  • Create a regime for Auditing and reporting in the contract governance
Supplier Relationship management (SRM)

Supplier Relationship management (SRM) is a strategic cross-functional exercise that requires an honest appraisal of the value the supplier creates to the customer company. For our Trifid consultants it goes without saying that it is important to establish and maintain a good relationship between supplier and customer where they work closely together.

In order to excel in supplier relationship management it is important to classify the supplier portfolio and identify the suppliers where the greatest opportunity for advantages lies. Here at Trifid we have expertise in how to make the correct analysis, develop the needed governance and tools, and we also have solid competence in how to run the entire SRM process.

We can assist you with;

  • Making your SRM process into a competitive advantage
  • Classify your suppliers and identify the most important ones
  • Help you work closely with the suppliers in order to maximize your benefits
  • Review your supplier value chain and identify value adding opportunities

In Trifid our consultants always thrive to create value for our customers.

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