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Project Management

We are experts on the implementation of projects and the interface between technology, business and organisation


At Trifid, we have many of the strongest project managers in the market, and they deliver socially critical, complex projects with our values ​​as a natural starting point.

Trifid helps clients structure, deliver and lead projects, and offers project teams that are good at delivering projects as planned. We identify problem areas, dependencies and connections between the project deliveries and the rest of the organization and we are customer-oriented and value-driven. Our values ​​are honest, brave and wholehearted and they permeate all our customer contact and our project deliveries.

A project is a limited task that is characterized by the fact that they have a specific goal and agreed framework for scope, quality, time and cost. Projects are often carried out in parallel with fixed tasks in the line, they are interdisciplinary and cross functional divisions in an organization. They require good grounding and active participation from resources in the line.

Project Delivery

Trifid has the skills and experience to take end to end responsibility for project delivery. From single projects to large scale transformation programems, Trifid has the capability to deliver. From Business Planning through design, development, implementationn and benefits realisation. Trifid is a trusted Delivery Partner.

Project management is about leading a project on behalf of the project owner and the person who owns the order in the customer's line organization. This requires knowledge of the method of implementation and experience so that the method is adapted to the customer's actual needs. Experienced project and program managers in trifid deliver projects based on prince2, the project wizard, PMP and several other well-respected frameworks.

The subject project management is constantly evolving, but it will always be important to have control over the basics - time, cost and quality, as well as understand the connection between them. Because of this, all our project managers are prince2-certified and able to work according to the basic principles of the methodology - scaled according to each individual need we meet. Project management in trifid is based on business understanding and the ability to see the customer's challenges and the project's deliveries from a holistic perspective.

We can have different roles:

  • Program, project and sub-project manager
  • Projectcontroller
  • Quality assurance
  • Establish and manage project office (PMO - project management office)

At Trifid, we assist with change and transformation in a structured and flexible way with the help of experienced project managers.

We are experts in implementation projects and work at the interface between technology, business and organization.

We are positioned to deliver high quality project managers and support resources because we have experts with experience from various sectors and disciplines.

We provide end-to-end services in project management. We are specialists in all areas of project management - from business architects to sourcing specialists to reorganization experts and change managers.

PMO Management

PMO Management means maximising the impact and governance of the programme office. Trifid takes the traditional PMO and turns it into the 'engine room' that hels drive projects to a successful conclusion. The value a PMO can give depends on how the customer chooses to use the PMO, but in the list below we can see some of the benefits a PMO can give:

  • Consistent use of best-fit practices, terminology and processes, which lead to discipline and adjustment of expectations and behaviour
  • Disclosure of the status and progress of projects that make it possible for the top management to get a general overview of the portfolio
  • Quality through quality review of project deliveries and management products, which ensures that the products are delivered according to acceptance criteria and suitable for the desired purpose
  • Structure and control allow trust, exemption management and informed decision making, by performing thorough reviews, giving recommendations and challenging assumptions, estimates and approach
  • Prediction related to delivery times and costs, resource requirements, long-term planning and capacity planning
  • Clear definition of roles and responsibilities, so that persons can be held responsible for delivery and gains are realized
  • Establishment of risk and knowledge databases that possible transfer of knowledge across projects
Project Turnaround & Recovery

Trifid has the experience and tools to review the likely success of in-flight project, recommend key measures that will assist in the achievement of goals and if required take responsibility for the successful management and conclusion of the project. Come and talk to us about our structured approach.

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