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Organisational Development and Change

We help organisations to ensure good change processes that lead to sustainable change.


We help organizations ensure good change processes that lead to sustainable change.

The digital revolution places demands on changing skills and ways of working together. The need is growing for employee involvement and good communication channels. The organizations must be changed at the same time as the normal operations maintain a high pace and ensure profit-taking and profitability.

Our experience is that this is not only about streamlining the employees' efforts, but a lot about ensuring good management communication and clear goals. We specialize in complex businesses and research and education activities.

Organisational Development

At Trifid, we design and implement development processes that help to restructure the organization in line with the strategy. This involves anchoring and involvement for common goals and building a clear corporate culture with an awareness of the company's values.

Our services help the client to:

  • establish a common understanding of organizational culture and governing value requirements
  • establish and anchor a good factual basis based on experience data
  • create a common understanding of the need for change
  • anchor goals and intentions for the restructuring work of everyone involved
  • advise and project manage restructuring processes in public and private sector
  • establish meeting arenas for problem solving and decision-making that form the basis for effective management
  • tailor and carry out training of managers in relation to the needs that arise along the way
Management Development

We strengthen the leadership culture, create increased executive power by strengthening relationships and interaction across organization, and raise awareness and skills related to leading others, oneself, and leading change.​

Management Support

We offer management support in demanding and new phases.​

We assist the individual leader in testing new opportunities, building relationships around them and strengthening their leadership practice.​

Our services support the client:​

  • In managing change and transformation
  • Advise on restructuring processes in public and private sector
  • By providing mentoring and executive coaching

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