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Trifid helps you point out the right direction


Trifid's strategy process engages the management and the board in addition to the organization and external stakeholders. Trifid helps you with clear answers to "why", provides a good basis for "what" and ensures the realization of the strategy.

The pace of change in society is increasing. More frequent updates of strategies in smaller projects with Trifid provides expertise when you need it. Trifid makes the strategy dynamic and the business development continuous. Sustainability and technological innovations are important factors in dealing with major changes in the market and customer expectations. Our advisers have many years of experience from the frontlines and therefore know how to ensure a quick and safe realization of the strategy.


The insight- and analysis phase forms the basis for the work of designing the strategy. This phase is based on gaining insight about and analyzing important areas such as:

  • Business drivers with today's current situation and challenges
  • External market drivers
  • Trends and best practices
  • Internal drivers from management- and operating model

Data collection is necessary to be able to carry out an analysis of the most important areas. We look at connections between the areas in order to understand and describe the factors that affect future opportunities. We also identify success drivers and the key qualities that is required to be able to succeed in the current environment and in the future. The organization's opportunities and abilities to implement digitization, surrounding forces within sustainability, as well as other factors, are factors we have solid experience with how to use to put together a holistic insight about organizations.


Trifid creates effective strategies for all or parts of organizations to ensure the goal achievement. To do this, we use the insight from the previous phase to establish goals with overall plans and mobilize the organization. Later, we put the progress in the system and realize gains.

Our resources have cutting-edge expertise in trends and know digital development and needs particularly well. Development in technology and new ecosystems in your sector are powerful tools for establishing a competitive advantage through the use of a strategy.

Everything changes along the way and success depends on the ability to implement. Trifid works with strategy development from different angles and develops comprehensive strategies that can be implemented, in collaboration with the organization's resources. This provides a robust strategy for your organization. Our employees know what a strategy for your organization must contain to provide value.


When the strategy is developed on a broader level, it must be embodied. Trifid contributes to the strategy being properly and dynamic, and that there is a continuous follow-up of roles and responsibilities that is necessary for the strategy to be implemented and alive.

Our advisors have several years of experience from the alignment and therefore apprehend how to ensure as concrete strategy as possible. It gives you and your business clear and concise plans and help with realization when we look at the business development and the consequences this can have. Trifid has the necessary experience and acknowledge to furnish you counselling. We are aware of which resources that are crucial to embody our ambitions and lay out a accomplishable plan on the way to reach these goals.


To transfer from a strategic decision to and planning, to an accomplishment can be challenging and demanding. We help our customers make strategic decisions and planes accomplished by focusing on the right measures. We help organizations to balance the realization in between the areas of resources, processes and technology by keeping a strong focus on specific goals, the project’s quality, progress and commercial progress.

We have an overall view on strategic implementation where we look at an organization’s context from integrated elements. The elements are a part of our experience and methodology, and are utilized to minimize disparity between development and realization of the strategy with support from structured and measurable activities.

Trifid has helped us understand our opportunities and challenges within digitization and recommended further strategic direction for the organization.
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