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Annual Reports

Annual Report 2023: A year of significance

Trifid's annual report for 2023 is here! It was a year filled with significance for us. We continued to grow, both in revenue and in the number of employees. We took the lead on several framework agreements. We saw more people becoming acquainted with us. Despite the market presenting us with new challenges, with tougher competition and squeezed hourly rates, our strategy held firm. Tougher times sharpen us. We don't rely on last-minute fixes but make changes constantly. This way, we are well-equipped to face 2024 as well. Read our annual report 2023 (pdf)

Annual Report 2022: An eventful year

Trifid's annual report is ready! 2022 was an eventful year for us. Among other things, we moved to new premises, won a framework agreement with Oslo municipality, created a culture wheel with activities for all employees and started several internal initiatives. Although our margins have decreased somewhat compared to 2021, we have made several investments in 2022, which form a good basis for building the company going forward. Read our Annual Report 2022 (pdf)

Annual Report 2021: Strong growth through yet another challenging year

Like 2020, 2021 was a year affected by the pandemic; however, it no longer came as a shock. As project consultants we are accustomed to the fact that the external circumstances are constantly changing, hence we faced the continuation of the pandemic in the same way we face difficult projects - with perseverance and commitment to our long-term goals. We have employees and customers who are adaptable and who maintain a steady focus on agreed deliveries. Thus, we can look back on yet another year of strong growth. Read our Annual Report 2021 (pdf)

Annual Report 2020: Solid growth in a challenging year

2020 was a year of great contrasts, demanding challenges and joyful upswings. When we reflect over the past year, we primarily want to celebrate the solid growth and the great results we have achieved, and especially the experience of a strong community that pulls in the same direction, well supported by our values. We have adapted, been flexible and changeable, and is now well equipped on the road to achieve our vision of at least 300 employees in at least five countries. Read our Annual Report 2020 (pdf)

Annual Report 2019: Another solid year

Trifid had yet another solid year in 2019 with improved profitability in combination with strong growth. Throughout this year we have completed the start-up of several important processes that form the basis for a corporate structure that underpins our goal of the Trifid group: at least 300 employees in at least 5 countries. Strong growth in Norway is one important brick in the wall when it comes to realisation of our goal, and we are pleased to see that we have developed ourselves into a highly skilled consulting company in the field of technology and business development. Read our Annual Report 2019 (pdf)