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Data attacks are one of the biggest security threats to businesses across the world, regardless of size and industry.


In today's society, both requirements, needs and interest in security are increasing. Businesses are responsible for implementing and complying with safety requirements, and see to a greater extent than previous the benefits of prioritizing and integrating safety work into the other corporate governance.

Working with security entails both trying to look into the future, while at the same time focusing on the present and learning from past experiences. It's about implementing solutions to identify, protect, manage, and evaluate risks and events.

Trifid's security advisers have expertise and experience from both the public and private sectors and want to be a safe supporter for businesses in this work. We believe that thinking holistically is a key factor for success, namely that both the technical, physical, organizational and human safety aspects must be taken into consideration. For example, you may have the best quality of technical measures, but how much does it really help if you haven't thought about organizational and human measures to comply with these measures?

Below you will be able to read more about some of the different services and deliveries we offer. In addition, we offer the opportunity to hire us as sparring partners for security discussions. Contact us for a closer chat and we will find a solution together!

Safety control

The work on safety management is about introducing measures and activities in line with the businesses' strategy and objectives.

Trifid's advisors have extensive experience with safety and continuous improvements of the safety work. Our experience ranges from businesses that are subject to the Security Act, to businesses that are not subject to the Security Act. We can assist businesses with, among other things:

  • Systematic approach to safety, emergency preparedness and crisis management
  • Safety management
  • Implementation of the Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Internal control
  • Document classification and handling
  • Safety architecture
  • Holistic approach to safety where both technical, physical, organizational and human safety are safeguarded
Emergency preparedness and crisis management

Prioritization of work within emergency preparedness and crisis management provides the business with predictability and security in crisis situations. We at Trifid help businesses with emergency preparedness work from A to B, including:

  • Emergency planning
  • Emergency response exercises
  • Crisis Management (CSIRP)
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Incident Response Platform (IRP)
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
Risk management

Risk management involves having knowledge of factors that can influence businesses’ efforts to achieve their goals, and having a plan for managing such conditions. The safety advisors in Trifid have many years of experience in preparing risk assessments and designing risk-reducing measures among other things, and will be a good resource in the risk management work in your business. We can contribute in all aspects of risk management, and below we have listed some examples:

  • Various risk management frameworks (including ISO31000, COSO, ISF, Trifid method)
  • Risk- and Vulnerability Analysis (ROS) based on ISO27005 or NS3814
  • Risk management
  • Valuation
  • Threat assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Damage assessment objects and infrastructure (SVI and SVO)

Audits in security and privacy are carried out to prevent and uncover deviations from requirements, and contributes to continuous improvements of the security and privacy work of the business. Our advisors are experienced and carry out audits based on the framework and requirements your business safeguards.

  • GAP-analysis
  • Audit based on, for example, ISO27001, NIST, NSM's basic principles
  • Compliance to, for example, ISO27001, the Security Act, NIST, NSM's basic principles
  • Compliance after audit
  • Maturity surveys
  • Through our partners, we can also provide other services within auditing, including penetration-testing and certification.
Privacy Policy (GDPR)

All companies process personal data in one form or another. When working with security, it is very important to have knowledge about and take privacy into account. Our advisors find it important that privacy is safeguarded in our recommendations, and we can contribute with tasks such as:

  • Privacy policy and practices
  • Safeguarding GDPR requirements
  • Private Policy consequence assessment (DPIA)
Personnel safety

Personnel safety is about the human aspect of safety, namely taking care of the employees. The focus and quality of the technical security measures are continuingly getting better, but one must not forget that an employee with malicious intentions, could easily bypass these. We at Trifid have good expertise in how businesses should work with personnel safety, both before employment, during employment and after a person has resigned their position.

Examples of what we can contribute:

  • Risk-based approach to hiring
  • Safety culture
  • Policies and procedures
  • Vulnerability conversations
  • Training courses
  • Background check of company and personnel
Safety training

There will be varying degrees of interest, understanding and prioritization of safety work both between businesses, but also within the business. Prioritizing good safety training will make both managers and employees well equipped to act as effective barriers to trespassers. At Trifid, we believe that following security measures in the business will be higher, if employees not only learn what to do, but also why they should do it.

Our skilled safety advisors have a lot of experience as course instructors and can, among other things, hold courses for your business in:

  • Information security
  • Emergency preparedness and crisis management
  • Personnel safety
  • Risk management
  • Safety culture/ Awareness
  • ROS analysis
  • Security Act

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