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Trifid operate in the sweet spot between IT advisory and digital operations

Trifid is a rapidly growing consulting company with great ambitions – both on behalf of ourselves and our clients. Our advisors can point to documented results from work on modernization, digitization and transformation. We are up to date on best practices and new methodologies, while being pragmatic and able to adapt to today's situation.

A Typical ‘Trifider’

  • has a high level of experience within the field of digitalisation, projects and change;
  • holds a MSc or MBA degree;
  • is person with courage, honesty and integrity;
  • is an entrepreneur at heart with great ambitions.

Above all, we are a 'people' business. Our advisors are selected because of their track record of working with people to deliver successful outcomes.

Our services

Our services are covering the complete spectrum of change. From Strategy and Architecture to the development of portfolios; through project delivery and business transformation. All these result in tangible benefits realisation.

Shaping change

Through Strategy , Architecture and Sourcing we can establish a strategic roadmap for an organisation’s future. Then support the delivery of that vision.

Delivering change

Project Management is at the core of what we do. helping clients to realise their goals through on time, on budget delivery.

Enabling change

At Trifid we know the value that real change is a combination of Technology, Process and People. Our Organisational Development and Change Team ensures your people embrace the journey and have the skills to adopt the change.

Digital transformation

Much of what we do today involves digitisation. This is where all of our services combine to transition an organisation to maximise its digital capability and its future potential.

Here's how we work

Trifid focuses on strategic and operational consulting at the interface between business, technology / digitalisation and organization.

Our experience is that this is rarely about technology alone. Equally, it is about how digitalisation is linked to the needs of the business and the people who work there. We help businesses leverage technology to increase revenue and reduce costs.

We provide the expertise needed in all phases of change and implementation processes. Our consultants can help with everything from analysis and idea development to project implementation, management and continuous improvement.

Trifid is a technology independent company. We usually put together a team of advisors with complementary expertise, but it is also possible to order advice from some of our specialty areas on ways to consider technology together with organisation and business.

Trifid is truly your end to end Trusted Delivery Partner.