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We create industry relevant challenges for companies that sources and assesses undiscovered talent

Software assessments are boring, developers are fed up with recruitment advertisements, companies don’t show off the projects they’re working on to excite talent. We help businesses create exciting assessments called challenges to help them source + assess “undiscovered talent”.

“Undiscovered talent” is every individual who's been deemed unfit by strict industry demands. For those who don't have that perfect CV. For each person that hasn't been blessed with several years of experience. Those who don't necessarily cut it in terms of formal expectations. But that doesn't stop them from winning. They're not push-overs. They're highly motivated, ambitious, driven individuals with a strong desire to prove themselves and contribute to any company that's smart enough to give them a chance.

The market is scarce for good developer candidates. Hiring managers compete in the red-ocean market, Linkedin, to find already discovered talent. The solution is to find undiscovered talent who do not already have +5 years of experience but are HIGHLY eager and prove themselves through other means - i.e our challenge! Therefore, you don't always have to hire the senior developer! In fact, Our Challenges Show Undiscovered Talent Outperforming Senior Developers. The gap in wages is huge, but the gap in skills is miniscule.

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